ben-greenfield-dr-mongeon-podcast-adVoted as the top personal trainer in the USA and one of the world’s most influential people in health and fitness for 2013 and 2014, Ben Greenfield interviews Dr. Mongeon about the do’s and don’ts of heavy metal detoxing.

It’s important to address heavy metals in the body the correct way, so that you get the best results and don’t cause further stress to your body.  This podcast is available March 21st and you can listen on Ben’s site,

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Watch this video to understand more about exactly how Dr. Mongeon tests for heavy metals and the reasons this test is integral to his Functional Medicine practice.

Many top health experts state that heavy metal toxicity is now an epidemic.  More and more health conditions are now being associated with heavy metal toxicity.  It is time to play offense with your health and get checked today!

Don’t Guess…Test!

Watch to learn about the complexity of heavy metal detoxification, the basics of chelation and why it is imperative to partner with someone experienced in heavy metal detox and Functional Medicine.

Watch as Dr. Mongeon explains Functional Medicine and his approach to Authentic Health.