I want to talk to you today about the specific lab work that I’m able to run on my patients.  Almost every single person that goes to see their medical doctor will get lab work done. What I am finding in working with people all around the United States is that they don’t always want drugs surgery. A lot of times people want to know if there are other options when their lab work is off. So I tell people we do the same labs but we give different recommendations.

So this is a lab that I use that is an amazingly extensive lab.  It has extensive cardio-vascular markers, it has micronutrient markers like magnesium and vitamin D and folate and vitamin b12. It has a full hormone panel, it has a full thyroid panel. It has one of the most extensive blood sugar handling beta-cell insulin type tests I’ve ever seen.

You need this test is because it’s my interpretation of these numbers and my protocols that I give you and your loved ones that I know that I know, because frankly run thousands of these, and when people do what I tell them to do and walk through my protocols, not only do all these numbers change they get their life back.

So when I work with patients my protocols specifically follow what I call the TEAM protocol. So “T” stands for how you think. Because if I can’t change how you think about your health about your well about your life about love, then it doesn’t matter what these numbers are. So we have specific protocols that change your thought process.

The “E” of team stands for Eat. It’s what you eat. I am very well known for very specific dietary protocols. By the way, I am Jordan Burroughs personal functional medicine doctor. I am responsible for laying off every single one of his meals, when he not only makes weight, but then after he makes weight up through being one of the best wrestlers in the world.

“E” also stands for specific supplementation. So if you’re taking vitamins right now, the question I ask you is “why are you taking them?” How do you know you’re taking the right amount how do you know how long you  to take them and what are you testing to do that? This particular test is an amazing tool for us to figure out exactly what you’re supposed to be taking and it’s nice to know when you  re-check it. Because the last thing you want to do is have a vitamin cabinet that’s full of hundreds and hundreds maybe thousands of dollars of supplements, and you don’t even know why are you taking it.

The “A” in the TEAM protocol stands for accountability. You see if you have all this amazing information from me and we don’t have one of my team members walking you through this protocol, it’s just good information. It’s the difference between wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is knowing and wisdom is doing.

So we are vested to get you to do the things that we tell you to do. Because the reality is you’re hiring us to do a job for you.

And the “M” of the TEAM protocol stands for movement. I know that I know because I’m backed by some of the best research, that we need to find a movement protocol that is best for you. Now if you’ve never done any exercise the last thing they do is go to Crossfit gym or sign up for an Ironman. We need to find a way that we can start to get you moving in a positive direction so we can start to unlock some of those hormones and neurotransmitters. Because of what I know after doing thousands of pieces of lab work fifteen years in practice, that when people who follow our protocols they get better.

And that’s why I’m shooting this video. So I ask you to share this video with others. If you have any questions leave comments or her personal message me. I work in two different fashions, I treat people locally and in my clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska and actually also I have what’s called a virtual practice. So I am blessed treat people all over the United States and the world virtually over the phone, Facebook, Skype and the Internet.

So if this resonates with you, share and comment and I greatly appreciate working with you. Have a great day.