Dr. Mongeon here, doctor of functional medicine. I want to talk to you today about the financial procedures and policies of this particular lab txt I work with. Labs can be expensive, and by the way, this lab that I run is about a $5,000 lab.

This company that I work with specifically does something called zero balance billing. Here’s how it works. I do an initial evaluation with you. It can be over the phone, over Skype or knee to knee (in person), and determine a diagnostic code for you. I then order these particular tests, this lab company then bills your insurance a lot of money, several thousand dollars.

Here’s why I use this company, amazingly comprehensive labs.

If you have commercial insurance, with a few exceptions, this company does something called zero balance billing.  Let me  explain that to you. So that means regardless of your co-pay or deductible your coinsurance this company will bill your insurance, and if your insurance pays some, a little or absolutely nothing, you owe zero to them.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t take advantage of getting this amazing lab work done.  The most part of this lab work is really my interpretation of the lab work. It’s the fact that I’ve gone through several thousand, probably ten thousand labs in my career and I am good at this. I know that if I look at these numbers and you’re willing to make a change to your lifestyle and your thought process and your movements in your life I will get you better.