“My energy levels are so much better!”

Before working with Dr. Greg I was tired all the time and I weighed the most I have in my life. I wasn’t sleeping very well and my mental clarity was poor to stay the least. Then in July I found out I had a growth on my kidney and knew I had to try something different. After surgery I started to work with Dr. Mongeon and have noticed my energy levels are so much better than before.  My sleep has improved dramatically and was able to lose over 30  pounds. I feel like I have a roadmap for healthy success. Dr. Mongeon is quick to answer my questions and help out in any way possible. I highly recommend working with Dr. Mongeon!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         C.Mayer – Minnesota

“I literally feel better at age 48 than I did when I was 25!!!”

Dr. Mongeon was the only one who told me I was right when I said I shouldn’t have joint pain at age 47. For years I had been unable to live a normal life or maintain my physical well being through exercise. When I did workout I was sore for weeks and in tremendous pain. But through changes in my diet, getting the right test done and detoxification I have gone from 18% body fat down to 11% while losing 4 inches off my waist. Even more importantly the inflammation in my joints has subsided and I’m able to lead an active lifestyle. All with no drugs or surgeries. I literally feel better at age 48 than I did when I was 25!!! Thanks to Dr Mongeon’s willingness to find the root cause of the problem and not just treat the symptom!                                                                                                                                                                                              P.Hilgert – Nebraska

“My doctor told me to continue whatever I was doing!”

At my last visit with my doctor he was so impressed with how I was doing. My energy is back. I’m sleeping well. I feel so good eating a healthy diet. My labwork is all moving in the right direction. All of the things I just mentioned are awesome, however, what really makes this a game changer is this. My doctor told me to continue whatever I was doing. I am now able to spend more quality time with my grandchildren. I just got back from a surprise visit to Minnesota to watch my granddaughter’s performance. A heartfelt Thank You Dr. Mongeon, not only from me, but from those that I get to experience life with.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      D. Mayer – North Dakota

“Dr. Mongeon has coached me every step of the way!”

Another annual doctor’s visit to have my thyroid numbers and cholesterol numbers checked and I am told once again, that I am borderline diabetic!  How could this be happening?  I had tried changing my diet, more exercise, but I wasn’t getting any results.  I was already taking synthroid for my thyroid and Crestor for my high cholesterol, along with a medication for my skin break outs.  My doctor was ready to prescribe another medication if my blood sugar numbers got any higher…I told her there was NO WAY I was going to take another medication, I would find another way!

I attended one of Dr. Mongeon’s seminars on Thyroid and Weight Loss.  Although there were several other people in the room, I felt like he was only talking to me!   I felt like I had finally found the answer to all my health problems!  I immediately set up a one on one appointment and my journey began.  Once we figured out that I have an autoimmune disease, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, the healing could begin.

Everything I thought I knew about being healthy and eating healthy got thrown out the window.  Dr. Mongeon has coached me every step of the way.  I have learned what foods to eat, how to exercise, and am currently in the middle of a heavy metal detox.  The weight started falling off and I have been able to get off two of the three medications I was on…AND my blood sugar numbers are now in the “Excellent” range!

My journey is not just about weight loss, but more about healing.  I can’t thank Dr. Mongeon enough for getting my life back on track.  For me, being able to understand how the “bad stuff” affects my body has made this a life style change and not just a fad diet.  Bad stuff out, good stuff in!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A. Miller – Nebraska

“I’ve been walking through healing with Dr. Greg for the last six months and have never felt better.”

When I came to Dr. Greg at 63, I had struggled with weight loss for about forty years.

At 45, after living in the city with all its sugary, processed fast foods an stressful lifestyle, I had several physical episodes over about a one year time period and was eventually diagnosed with MS. My neurologist prescribed a medication that I injected once a week. After about eight years, I happened on a book called “The Maker’s Diet”, which was basically a 40-day plan of changing your eating and lifestyle by eliminating all the bad things from your diet. It was based on the Bible and made a lot of sense to me. This change impacted my health in a huge way so I went off my medication and never had any more symptoms of MS again.  I had taken a leap toward health, but was still dealing with forty pounds or so of extra weight and struggled with the “sugar addition”. A friend of mine was in the Functional Medicine program with Dr. Greg and kept talking about “maximized living and “healing at a cellular level”, which again, made total sense to me. If the foundation of your body is cells, why not heal the cell instead of focusing on the cancer, the diabetes or whatever. So, after going to all my regular annual doctoring of physical exam, pap smear, mammogram, etc. and realizing that not one of those things that cost thousands of dollars was going to improve my future health, I took another leap and called Dr. Greg.

I’ve been walking through healing with Dr. Greg for the last six months and have never felt better. I’ve lost thirty pounds. My joints no longer ache and I don’t even think about the knee pain that I always had to consider when I had a little distance to walk. The testing that he does, makes the decisions for a healing plan seem more concrete and much less of a guessing game. It was amazing to me that when we started with the four day beef bone marrow broth fast, I was not hungry once. One of the things that made this journey so successful, in my opinion, was the five phase plan coming off the fast. It is an adjustment counting those carb and protein grams initially, but a very necessary one. Dr. Greg walked beside me all the way, and still does. As soon as I would text him, he would fire a reply right back. If I emailed a longer concern, he would get back to me within hours. He prayed for me during the fast and has been a constant inspiration all along the way. If I feel like I’m sliding down the slippery slope to bad habits again, I can go to the clinic and talk to the staff or Dr. Greg and my brain gets a little adjustment along with my spine. It’s an awesome atmosphere. Dr. Greg has become my doctor, my coach, my friend, my prayer partner and a fountain of information on all the latest research. He takes his job and the health of his clients seriously and I would recommend him to anyone.

S. Stutzman